This page includes links to background readings -- many of which are suitable for use with students -- from the Rethinking Schools archives and other sources.

The War and Our Students | pdf
By Bill Bigelow
A conversation with Sandra Childs about teaching about the war in Iraq.

Straight Talk with Kids About War | pdf
By Michael Ames Connor
Does “age appropriateness” require soft-pedaling the awful truth of war?

Student Clubs: A Model for Political Organizing | pdf
By Alan Singer
A former high school teacher recalls how his students put lessons into action.

Danger in the Earth: Teaching About Landmines | pdf
By Elisabeth King
An international issue generates student activism.

Oakland Teach-in Galvanizes
Students and Teachers
| pdf
By Catherine Capellaro
Oakland students are talking about the war.

No Child Left Unrecruited | pdf
By Harold Jordan
Military recruiters have unprecedented access to our nation's students.

Fund Schools Not War | pdf
A Rethinking Schools Editorial

What War Looks Like | pdf
by Howard Zinn
The noted historian explains the realities of war. A powerful essay to use directly with students.

How Many Must Die? | pdf
An explanation of the background and consequences of the sanctions policy used by the United States against Iraq.

Prominent Voices on Iraq | pdf
Useful quotations on the situation in Iraq.

What is Islam? | pdf
by Semya Hakim
An explanation of the basics of Islam.

Facts About Arabs | pdf
by Marvin Wingfield
A short list that gives background and breaks stereotypes.

Attacks on Muslims and Arab Americans | pdf
A summary of some of the attacks against Muslims and Arab Americans in post-9/11 United States.

We and They | pdf
By Lucille Clifton
A student friendly poem that looks at the "othering" of different people in terms that students can understand.

When Silence Is Betrayal | pdf
By Dr. Martin Luther King
The classic anti-war speech by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. An excellent jumping-off point for teachers to discuss the current situation in Iraq. Teaching ideas included.

Educate for Global Justice:
A Key Lesson from Sept. 11
 | pdf
By Rethinking Schools Editors
This article highlights the importance of teaching about global issues from a pro-justice point of view.

The Marines Have Landed | pdf
By Bob Peterson
A student-friendly summary of the major military interventions by the United States. Useable in upper elementary, middle school, and high school classes.

Third World Traveler: A Brief History of US Interventions,1945 to present
by William Blum
Reprinted from Z magazine, June 1999.

From Wounded Knee to Afghanistan:
A Century of U.S. Military Interventions

Compiled by Zoltan Grossman for ZNet

"What About the Iraqi Children?" | pdf
This February 2003 speech by 12-year-old Charlotte Aldebron, who attends Cunningham Middle School in Presque Isle, Maine, challenges students to put themselves in the place of the millions of children living through the war in Iraq.

Free Speech: Concept Versus Reality | pdf
Charlotte Aldebron gained international attention after her speech on the children of Iraq -- not all of it constructive. She has encountered a great deal of resistance -- even hostility -- from people who consider her stance wrong or inappropriate. In this speech, delivered at a peace rally in April, Charlotte reflects on the lessons she has learned about free speech, the concept and the reality.

This page includes links to background readings -- many of which are suitable for use with students -- from the Rethinking Schools archives and other sources.

Spring 2003

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