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Spring 2003

Links Especially For Teachers And Students

For links to teacher groups against the war, click here.

Campus Antiwar Network

An organization bringing together college and high-school antiwar groups from across the nation. If you need something to give you hope, click to the long list of member campuses and start scrolling.

Religious Education Exchange Service

This website is run by St Martin's College, Lancaster. Click on 'War on Iraq' when you get to the home page. The website is intended primarily for teachers of religious education. But it contains many items of general interest, and much that is invaluable for the planning of school assemblies. There are links to a wide range of other sites, mainly in the UK, and copies of important statements about the war issued by faith communities in Britain, both locally and nationally.

Resources for Teaching Kids about Bullying, Violence, And War

The British Columbia Teachers Federation has assembled a collection that draws connections between power struggles on the playground and the larger struggles that play out internationally.

Social Studies Teaching Ideas
Tom McKenna of the Portland Public Schools has compiled a terrific collection of resources for teaching social studies by concentrating on the war with Iraq.

Islam and Islamophobia

The Muslim Council of Britain

IQRA Trust

A good source from the UK for general information about Islam and the Muslim way of life.

The Forum Against Islamophobia and Racism

Another excellent site based in the UK.

Muslim Heritage

This website offers much valuable material on Islamic science, mathematics and technology.

The Commission on Multi-Ethnic Britain
This site has sections entitled "Materials for Schools" and "Islamophobia" with many good resources and links.

Talking With Children And Young People

When War Is In The News

Judith Myers-Walls, a child development specialist based at Purdue University, offers advice for helping children cope with terrorism and its aftermath.

Supporting Young Children During War and Conflict
The National Association for the Education of Young Children offers practical advice and a good collection of resources aimed at helping children cope with "scary news." This organization has taken a lot of heat from right-wingers who don't believe its ideas reflect enough patriotism: Judge for yourself.

Sources For Information On The War

Critical Media Literacy in Times of War
A little heavy on the graphics - a hi-speed connection is nice, Flash 6 is a must. Looks at how media from the United States and elsewhere have covered the war -- often transmitting very different content.

This site is unique: a source for news, tidbits of intelligence information and informed speculation run by a group of former Israeli intelligence agents. You will need to take this page with a sizeable grain of salt -- especially the paid ads, which offer gas masks, bio-weapon antidotes and similar items to Israeli consumers. But there is a unique perspective here, as the well-connected former spies relate what their old friends are telling them.

The Guardian -- Special Report: The Antiwar Movement
The British news organization has compiled a comprehensive list of sites, mainly based in the UK, which contain anti-war arguments and reports.

Iraq Body Count
Continually updated civilian casualty estimates. Good info on humanitarian aid projects there and links to them.

Iraq Crisis Bulletin

Iraq Crisis Bulletin provides daily worldwide news reporting on the Iraq Crisis. Includes reports from correspondents stationed around the world, focusing on news developments and the military, political, social, and economic impact of the Iraq Crisis and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

National Geographic - The War on Iraq:
A terrific collection of maps and background materials assembled by the most widely respected name in geography.

Thirteen myths about the case for war with Iraq -
The list of myths and support materials, includiong extesive documentation and tips on how to use the information provided. Continually updated to reflect the changing war situation.

Antiwar Groups

American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee
An essential resource for countering bias against Arabs and for current coverage about harassment of immigrants and Arab Americans.

A coalition organizing against the war and racism.

A clearinghouse for news and information that teachers and antiwar groups will find useful. Updated frequently.

Cities for Peace
A national coalition of local officials and concerned citizens working to express the will of their communities through civic resolutions regarding the proposed war in Iraq. Includes an up to date listing of all cities that have passed anti-war resolutions and sample resolutions. Excellent for use by students in drafting resolutions for individual schools and for school districts. Also useful in geography lessons.

Education for Peace in Iraq
Resources for education and activism.

Global Policy Forum
An independent group that monitors global policy making at the United Nations. Contains impressive collection of background materials on the Iraq crisis, especially on the matter of the oil, weapons inspection, and the media.

Middle East Report
Offers astute analyses of events in the Middle East.

National Network to End the War Against Iraq
Chronicles anti-war activism, present and past.

Not in Our Name
A national call to resist the war.

Peace Trek
Personal journeys of activists who traveled to Iraw, and a good collection of background readings and resources. Website features a "Teacher Zone:" with links to curriculum ideas.

Poets Against the War
An amazing site with a data base of over 8,000 anti-war poems. A source of endless number of writing lessons.

Stop the War Coalition
A site that presents comprehensive information about anti-war activities in the UK.

Traprock Peace Center
This site created by the peace group in Deerfield, Massachusetts has a
good collection of links to topical articles and background resources.

United for Peace
Coordinates work against U.S. war on Iraq.

US Labor Against the War
excellent collection of readings and resources that provide a labor perspective on the war and its consequences.

Voices in the Wilderness
An organization that defies the sanctions against Iraq.

Spring 2003

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