Spring 2003


"How Many Must Die?" by George Capaccio, in Rethinking Schools, Spring 1999, and online at www.rethinkingschools.org/archive/13_03/iraq.shtml. This is a personal look at the health effects of sanctions.

There are several articles on sanctions in Anthony Arnove's essential book Iraq Under Siege (South End Press). See Kathy Kelly's article "Raising Voices: The Children of Iraq, 1990-1999." Kelly is featured in Greetings from Missile Street. In the article she describes some of the experiences that led her to defy the sanctions and risk imprisonment and steep fines.

Another useful piece from Iraq Under Siege is an exchange between John Pilger and Dutch ambassador to the U.N. Peter van Walsum in the article "Collateral Damage." In the exchange, Pilger fires questions at van Walsum demanding the U.N. rationale for why innocent people in Iraq should be punished for Saddam Hussein's crimes.


Another way in which the United States is already at war with Iraq is through the toxic leftovers from Gulf War I. I like Polly Kellogg's idea of starting with the last 15 minutes or so of The Hidden Wars of Desert Storm,which deals poignantly with the health effects of Gulf War I, on Iraqis as well as on U.S. and coalition soldiers who served there. (See article, "Drawing on History to Challenge the War".)

An excellent and classroom-friendly article is "The Spoils of War," by Dr. Helen Caldicott, originally published in the Baltimore Sun (online at www.nuclearpolicy.org/spoils.html), about the ongoing dangers posed by the depleted uranium shells used in 1991 by U.S. and U.K. forces. The Independent's Robert Fisk has several short articles that also deal with the health effects of depleted uranium. Two are useful with students: "The Evidence is There — We Caused Cancer in the Gulf" and "The Catastrophe Blair, Clinton, and Saddam Have in Common," both reprinted in Arnove's Iraq Under Siege. A member of Voices in the Wilderness accompanies an Iraqi man and his son to a hospital in Saddam City. (1998)

Spring 2003

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