Spring 2003

The text of the motion that was passed by the OEA Executive Board Regarding March 5 and March 17 anti-war activities,

Note: Whereas clauses are not voted on, only therefore it be resolved clauses were endorsed

Whereas, the Oakland Education Association recognizes that Oakland schools are 95% youth of color and predominately students of working class parents.

Whereas, the OEA recognizes that youth of color and youth of working class parents are more likely to be recruited into the military. For example, 10% of the US population is Black, while 20% of the military is Black.

Whereas, the Oakland Education Association recognizes that youth of color are more likely to be targeted by the prison system. (In California youth of color are 6.2 times more likely to be sent to juvenile hall than white youth.

Whereas, President George Bush has proposed significant increases in military spending and Governor Gray Davis has proposed an increase in prison spending, while our schools are in economic crisis.
Whereas, the OEA ants our students to have access to quality education and affordable higher education and we do not want our students incarcerated or sent to die in an unjust war to kill other poor people of color around the world.

Whereas, the OEA stands firmly against a war on Iraq.

Whereas, a teacher and student walk-out and march in Selma, Alabama played a major role in achieving the Civil Rights Act.

The following two motions are the only text actually approved by the Exec Board:

The OEA discourages teachers and administrators from taking disciplinary action against those who choose to participate in student-led walkouts on March 5 and

The OEA endorses and encourages teachers and students to attend, as field trips, the Monday, March 17 rally from 11 AM to 2 PM at the Capitol Building in Sacramento calling for no cuts to Community Colleges (Further text was added to lobby California Teachers Association for their support for the rally on the 17th).

Spring 2003

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