Spring 2003

December, 2002

Whereas, the United States and Britain have been bombing Iraq on a virtually continuous basis since the end of the Gulf War, and

Whereas, the Bush administration has presented no credible evidence that Iraq has intentions of harming this citizens of this country or that Iraq presents a threat to the United States, and

Whereas, a war with Iraq would require the redirection of vital resources and funds to a destructive, senseless, and illegal goal while further strengthening an administration that has restricted the civil liberties of its citizens, and

Whereas, this administration is using the so-called "War on Terrorism" to distract the American people from the vital issues they confront,

Therefore, be it resolved that Madison Teachers Inc. goes on record as
strenuously opposing the Bush administration's march toward war with Iraq.

And be if further resolved that Madison Teachers Inc. urge its members and affiliates to get involved with organizations working toward topping the Bush administration's march toward war with Iraq.

Spring 2003

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