Spring 2003

Education International (www.ei-ie.org) is a world-wide trade union organisation of education personnel, whose 26 million members represent all sectors of education from pre-school to university 310 national trade unions and associations in 159 countries and territories.

Education International Declaration on Iraq

The Executive Board of Education International, meeting in Brussels, Belgium from the 4th to the 6th February 2003

  1. Believes that democracy and human rights are the only guarantees to enduring world peace; and that all Nations are bound to abide by the principles and resolutions of the United Nations;

  2. Deeply concerned that a military conflict in the Gulf may cause innocent civilians untold hardship; destabilise the Middle East and beyond; generate a wave of terrorism;

  3. Requires the international community to make every possible effort to resolve the conflict peacefully;

  4. Believes that recourse to war is never justified before all non-violent solutions have been pursued; that any military action should only be taken as a last resort and within. the UN framework; that such action outside the UN framework would undermine, not contribute to, international security; that the UN inspection process must be given adequate time to fully determine whether Iraq has rid itself of all weapons of mass destruction before further actions by the UN are considered;

  5. Condemns the misery, persecution, human rights abuses and poverty inflicted by Saddam Hussein on the Iraqi people through his dictatorship;

  6. Notes that the continued menace of Iraqi investment in weaponry and military hardware and a demonstrated willingness to use them on Iraqi citizens and those of a neighbouring state, is an intolerable security threat to the Gulf region and ultimately to the world at large;

  7. Supports the statement of the TUC and the AFL-CIO of January 30, 2003 to Prime Minister Tony Blair and President George Bush to take every possible step to achieve the legitimate end of disarming Iraq without recourse to war;

  8. Education International calls upon its members to

    1. lobby their governments to ensure that all options for settlement of the issues in dispute with Iraq are explored thoroughly and that any action required is determined by UN;

    2. join with other groups with the same objectives to participate in peaceful activities promoting a peaceful end to the dispute;

    3. help the people of Iraq build a new secure and democratic society with respect for human rights for all.

Spring 2003

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