Spring 2003

Education International is the international body that the National Union of Teachers and NASUWT (the two main teachers' unions in England and Wales) are affiliated to. The motion was moved by GEW - the German Teacher' Union. NATFHE (the union for teachers in colleges of further education and in some universities) supported the motion.

EI/E Resolution on the Iraq Conflict
Teachers in Europe raise their voices for Peace:
War is No Solution!

(Proposed by GEW)

With great concern the members of the European Regional Committee of Educational International (EI/E) observes the deployment of US military forces in the gulf region. Although the UN inspection process is not complete.

Repeatedly the international community has condemned Saddam Hussein's dictatorial regime and called upon Iraq to observe elementary human rights. Saddam Hussein is responsible for the misery of the people of Iraq and the brutal persecution of minorities and political opponents.

We support all peaceful measures suitable to improve the situation of the people of Iraq and which contribute to remove the threat in this crisis-ridden region. EI/E is resolutely opposed to implement these aims with military force.

  • The worldwide quarrel with terrorism and the potential for mass extermination, especially in the hands of dictatorships is a matter to be dealt with by the international community rather than a single country, even if this happens to be the only super power at present. If a global monopoly of power has to be used as "ultima ratio" this may be through the United Nations and according to the rules laid down in international law.

  • EI/E still regards the international alliance against terrorism as indispensable. However, its success depends above all in the combat of causes. As long as poverty and distress, political oppression and social exclusion are part of everyday life of people in many parts of the world, the scourge of terrorism will not be conquered. New economical and social initiatives, as well as in the area of development and education are needed - no recourse to military means.

  • EI/E calls upon its member organisations to raise their voices for peace and to participate in peaceful activities against a threatening war, such as the "European Rally Against War" on 15 February 2003 and further local initiatives.

Passed unanimously by EI, European Committee 20/1/03

Spring 2003

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