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Vouchers: Special Ed Students Need Not Apply

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Tuition Tax Credits: Vouchers in Disguise

Voucher Decision Opens Pandora's Box

Vouchers: Turning Back the Clock

Vouchers Schools Cash In
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Payment "Surcharge" Gives $28 Million Extra to Voucher Schools

Supreme Court Debates Vouchers

The Voucher Threat

High Court to Decide if Cleveland Voucher Program Violates the Separation of Church and State

Church / State Separation Vital to Democracy

Vouchers and the False Promise of Academic Achievement

School Vouchers: A Threat to the Rights of Women and Gays

False Choices: Vouchers, Public Schools, and Our Children's Future
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Who's Bankrolling Vouchers?

Vouchers, Accoutability, and Money

With God On Their Side...

Teaching Religious Intolerance

Vouchers:Church / State Complexities

A Visit to a Religious Elementary School

Five Years and Counting: A Closer Look at the Cleveland Voucher Program

Report Looks at Public and Private Schools

Vouchers and Public Accountability

The Hollow Promise of School Vouchers

The Market is Not the Answer

Lessons of Chile's Voucher Reform

The GI Bill Doesn't Vouch for Vouchers

Selling Out Our Schools: Vouchers, Markets, and the Future of Public Education

Notable Quotes on Vouchers

Links to other important sites on vouchers.

A special collection of links on vouchers and related school-funding issues.

These are some of the most prominent national organizations providing information on vouchers and First Amendment issues. When exploring larger sites, it's often useful to use the site's "search" capability, using the keyword "vouchers.

American Civil Liberties Union
The ACLU has been active in pointing out the dangers of vouchers to the First Amendment. It has also played a leading role in protecting students' rights. Also be sure to also check out the Wisconsin ACLU web page: www.aclu-wi.org

American Federation of Teachers
Use the search engine on this site to find resources, AFT position papers and other useful information on vouchers.

The Milwaukee Parental Choice Program, 1990/1991 though 1994/1995

A scholarly study of the Milwaukee school choice program by John Witte of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Includes a detailed critique of the controversial and deeply flawed "study" of the Milwaukee choice program by Harvard University's Paul Peterson, which is often touted by choice advocates as proof the program boosts student achievement.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
The NAACP, the nation's oldest and largest civil rights organization, has launched a Partners for Public Education campaign in conjunction with People for the American Way Foundation (see below).

The National Education Association
The online home of the nation's largest teacher union.

People for the American Way Probably the best single source of information on the religious right, People for the American Way publishes a variety of publications and reports.

Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC)
The state NEA affiliate, WEAC has compiled a variety of resources on vouchers.