Dear Parents...

A teacher offers help with understanding how young children may react to tragedy and war.

The following is condensed from a letter that Ann Pelo sent to parents of children at the Hilltop Children's Center, where Pelo teaches in Seattle. The letter was written shortly after the bombing of Afghanistan began.

By Ann Pelo

"What really matters now is love. Strength, love, courage, love, kindness, love. That is really what matters. There has always been evil, and there will always be evil, but there has always been good, and there is good now."

-Maya Angelou, poet and author, September 2001.


Here are some thoughts about how parents and teachers can support children during this time of unrest and pain:

Ann Pelo has taught at Hilltop Children's Center for 10 years and is co-author, with Fran Davidson, of That's Not Fair: A Teacher's Guide to Activism with Young Children (Redleaf Press, 2000.)

Winter 2001 / 2002