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Selling Out Our Schools

Table of Contents

 "Selling Out Our Schools" is divided into three main sections (click on the section heading to go there):

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Why We Are Publishing "Selling Out Our Schools"
By the Editors of Rethinking Schools

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The Hollow Promise of School Vouchers
By Robert Lowe

The Market is Not the Answer
An Interview with Jonathan Kozol

Questions and Answers about School Choice
By the Editors of Rethinking Schools

Lessons from the Voucher War
By Ann Bastian

Lessons of Chile's Voucher Reform
By Martin Carnoy

A Battle for the Soul of Public Education
By Warren Furutani

The Debate Is About Privatization, Not 'Choice'
An interview with Deborah Meier

The Danger of Market Rhetoric
By Jeffrey Henig

Markets and Schools
By Peter Cookson, Jr

'Vouchers Are a Smokescreen'
An interview with Linda Darling~Hammond

Will Markets or Democracy Prevail?
By Alex Molnar

The GI Bill Doesn't Vouch for Vouchers
By Robert Lowe

Vouchers Would Devastate Our Schools
By U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA)

Playing Politics with 'Choice'
By Gary Orfield

'Choice' and Public School Reform
By Robert Peterkin

What We Can Learn from Milwaukee
By Barbara Miner

Schundler's Coucher Crusade for Jersey City
By Stan Karp

Choice, Chelsea, and Clinton
By Robert Lowe

Teaching Students to Be Consumers
By Phyllis Sides

Our Schools Need Money, Not Rhetoric
By CJ Prentiss

Church/State Separation Vital to Democracy
By Marvin Frankel

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Charter Schools: Potentials and Pitfalls
An Interview with Ann Bastian

Charters: Finding the Courage to Face Our Contradictions
By Eric Rofes

Jingletown: One Charter School's Story
By Tamara Prevost and Margarita Jimenez-Silva

Total Decentralization: Too Much of a Good Thing?
By Bob Peterson

Public School Choice: Keeping the Focus on Equity
By Ann Bastian

For-Profit Firms Fail to Deliver
By Barbara Miner

Massachusetts: Robbing the Poor
By Stan Karp

Chicago: Public School Choice and Inequality
By Jonathan Kozol

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Bradley Foundation Bankrolls Conservative Agenda
By Barbara Miner

Bradley, "The Bell Curve," and School Choice
By Barbara Miner

Conservatives Push 'Parental Rights'
By Barbara Miner

Privately Funded Voucher Plans Proliferate
By Barbara Miner

Splits on the Right: Implications for Education
By Barbara Miner

Listing of Economic Conservative and Religious/Far Right Organizations

Progressive Groups that Monitor the Right Wing

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