Reading, Writing, and Rising Up Introduction


Building Community Out Of Chaos

Unlearning the Myths that Bind Us

Writing the Word and the World

The Politics of Language

Poetry: Reinventing the Past, Rehearsing the Future

Immigration - What Happened to the Golden Door?

Untracking English

Teaching About Social Justice and the Power of the Written Word

by Linda Christensen

"My students walk out the school door into a social emergency,"Linda Christensen writes. "They are in the center of it. I believe that writing is a basic skill that will help them both understand that emergency and work to change it."

This practical, inspirational book offers essays, lesson plans,and a remarkable collection of student writing, all rooted inan unwavering focus on language arts teaching for justice.

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"Linda Christensen has created a profound work of emancipatory pedagogy that brings together theory, classroom practice, personal narrative, and student work. She has distilled her 24 years with students in a rainbow classroom into a major accomplishment that is a must-read for every teacher seeking to reach students that are 'unreachable.'"
  —   Geneva Smitherman, University Distinguished Professor atMichigan State University and author of Talkin' That Talk: Language, Culture, and Education in AfricanAmerica.