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Rethinking Multicultural Education


Rethinking Multicultural Education
— 1
By Wayne Au

Section I:
Anti-Racist Orientations
— 7

Taking Multicultural, Anti-Racist Education Seriously:
An interview with Enid Lee — 9

Origins of Multiculturalism —17
By Christine Sleeter and Peter McLaren

What Do We Need to Know Now? — 21
By Asa G. Hilliard III

Diversity vs. White Privilege:
An interview with Christine Sleeter — 37

The Forgotten History of Eugenics — 45
By Alan Stoskopf

Standards and Tests Attack Multiculturalism — 53
By Bill Bigelow

Race and the Achievement Gap — 63
By Harold Berlak

Once Upon a Genocide: Columbus in children's literature — 73
By Bill Bigelow

Section II:
Language, Culture, and Power
— 87

Putting Out the Linguistic Welcome Mat — 89
By Linda Christensen

My Mother's Spanish — 97
By Salvador Gabaldón

Taking a Chance with Words:
Why are the Asian American kids silent in class? — 101
By Carol A. Tateishi

Black English/Ebonics: What it be like? — 111
By Geneva Smitherman

Ebonics and Culturally Responsive Instruction — 121
Lisa Delpit

Defending Bilingual Education — 131
By Kelley Dawson Salas

Bilingual Education Works — 139
By Stephen Krashen

Raising Children's Cultural Voices — 147
By Berta Rosa Berriz

And Then I Went to School — 155
By Joe Suina

Section III :
Transnational Identities, Multicultural Classrooms
— 163

What Happened to the Golden Door?:
How my students taught me about immigration — 165
By Linda Christensen

Bringing Globalization Home — 181
By Jody Sokolower

Arranged Marriages, Rearranged Ideas — 191
By Stan Karp

Welcoming Kalenna:
An early childhood teacher
strives to make all her students feel at home — 203
By Laura Linda Negri—Pool

You're Asian. How Could You Fail Math?:
Unmasking the myth of the model minority — 207
By Benji Chang and Wayne Au

Edwina Left Behind — 217
By Sören Wuerth

Language Lessons: Using student assistants
to bridge culture and language — 221
By Denise Hanson-Rautiainen

Putting a Human Face on the Immigration Debate — 227
By Steven Picht-Trujillo and Paola Suchsland

The Puerto Rican Vejigante: Teaching art in its
social and cultural context — 237
By Patty Bode

Section IV:
Confronting Race in the Classroom
— 245

Decolonizing the Classroom:
Lessons in multicultural education — 247
By Wayne Au

Brown Kids Can't Be in Our Club — 255
By Rita Tenorio

What Color Is Beautiful? — 263
By Alejandro Segura-Mora

Race: Some Teachable–and Uncomfortable–Moments — 269
By Heidi Tolentino

Exploring Race Relations — 279
By Lisa Espinosa

Reconstructing Race — 287
By Nathaniel W. Smith

Presidents and Slaves: Helping students find the truth — 297
By Bob Peterson

From Snarling Dogs to Bloody Sunday — 307
By Kate Lyman

On the Road to Cultural Bias: A critique of the
“Oregon Trail” CD-ROM — 317
By Bill Bigelow

For My People:
Using Margaret Walker's poem to help students 'talk-back' to stereotypes and to affirm their self worth — 335
By Linda Christensen

Math, SATs, and Racial Profiling — 341
By Eric Gutstein

Bringing the Civil Rights Movement into the Classroom — 349
By Larry Miller

'We Need to Know This!': Student power and curriculum — 355
By Jody Sokolower

Bias and CD-ROM Encyclopedias — 361
By Bob Peterson

Author Biographies — 369

Index — 373