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Rethinking Globalization

This is a complicated crime: A culture that existed in relative peace and harmony for generations is in the process of being destroyed. Greed has replaced cooperation; pollution has replaced care for the earth; insecurity has replaced security; "look out for number one" has replaced family and community. If this process continues it will destroy a viable, ecologically responsible culture. The people there will be the big losers, but everyone in the world is harmed at least indirectly when we lose a culture like this.

That's the crime. But who or what is to blame?

All of the following defendants are charged with the crime of cultural destruction.

1. U.S. and European Tourists

2. The Indian Government

3. The Ladakhis

4. The Global Capitalist Economy/the System of Profit

5. "Modern" ideas

6. People in the United States


  1. Read the indictment against you. Talk amongst yourselves to come up with the best defense. You know the saying, "the best offense is a good defense." Well, sometimes the best defense is a good offense. Think about using some of the indictments against other groups to defend your group.
  2. Write-up your defense. Be eloquent. Try to involve as many people as you can in giving the defense.

Last Updated Spring 2002