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Rethinking Globalization


The video The Ad and the Ego uses advertising to ask important questions about our society.

Write an essay on an aspect covered in the video. Some questions you might address, but are not limited to:


(attach this sheet to your essay when you turn it in)

_____  Clever, inviting title
_____ Engaging, imaginative introduction
_____ Important, clear thesis. Write thesis statement here:
_____ Different kinds of evidence (e.g., quotes from the films, quotes from articles, examples from your own life, examples from history, examples from contemporary society, etc.)
_____ At least two quotes used as evidence
_____ Thesis is convincingly "proved"/demonstrated
_____ Strong conclusion [summarizes, ties back to your introduction, raises further questions, etc.]
_____ Typed or in ink, legibly written or printed
_____ No major errors of punctuation, grammar, spelling, paragraphing

Last Updated Spring 2001