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Keeping The Promise?

Preface — ix
Introduction — xi

Charter Schools and the Values
of Public Education — 3
By Ted Sizer and George Wood

Unlovely: How the Market Is
Failing the Children of New Orleans — 17
By Leigh Dingerson

Profits and Privatization:
The Ohio Experience — 35
By Amy Hanauer

"Evolution" or Destruction?
A Look at Washington, D.C. — 53
By Zein El-Amine and Lee Glazer

Boston's Pilot Schools:
An Alternative to Charter Schools — 67
By Dan French

Lessons from the Ground:
Interviews with Charter School Educators — 81
By Barbara Miner

Keeping the Promise:
The Role of Policy in Reform — 91
By Linda Darling-Hammond
and Kenneth Montgomery

Editors' Bios — 111
Collaborating Organizations — 113
Index — 115


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