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Supplemental Material Listed in the Book

These links are organized by the page numbers from The Line Between Us where the materials are mentioned.

Page 8 - Instructions for signing up for the Rethinking Schools listserv.

Page 16 - Immigrant Interview Write-up Assignment

Page 16 - Immigrant Interview Write-up Checklist

Page 30 - Interior Monologue prompt

Page 30 - Poem: "Valentine's Day at Casa del Migrante" by Bob Peterson

Page 33 - Mexico Immigration Essay Assignment

Page 33 - Mexico Immigration Essay peer edit checklist

Page 37 - Immigration Justice Alliance by Tim Swinehart and Sandra Childs

Page 66 - NAFTA Role Play Follow-up research handout

Page 66 - Links to background articles on NAFTA:

* "A Flood of U.S. Corn Rips at Mexico," Michael Pollan, the Los Angeles Times, April 23, 2004

* "A Hemisphere for Sale: The Epidemic of Unfair Trade in the Americas," Witness for Peace, 2001

* "NAFTA's Legacy — Profits and Poverty," David Bacon
, San Francisco Chronicle, 
January 14, 2004,

* "NAFTA at 10" Jeff Faux, The Nation, February 2, 2004

* "The View From Mexico," Rep. Bernie Sanders, The Nation, February 2, 2004

* "After Ten Years, NAFTA Continues to Pay Dividends," The Cato Institute

* "NAFTA's Hung Jury: After ten years, an honest verdict is hard to find," Roger Bybee, FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting), June 2004

Page 98 - Chilpancingo photo

Page 100-101 – Links to Chilpancingo Articles:

* "NAFTA's Hollow Promise of Progress," John Moyers, Radio Progress, Jan. 24, 2005

* "Environmental Health and Toxic Waste," Vicky Funari, Sergio De La Torre, and Grupo Factor X, Maquilopolis, undated

* "Empowerment Brings Change," Mariana Martinez, La Prensa San Diego, Sept. 20, 2002

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