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The Line Between Us - Table of Contents

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Running to America by Luis Rodríguez-3

Section 1: Teaching About ‘Them' and ‘Us'-5

One: The Border-7

Two: Born in War-11

Three: Immigrants and Empathy-15

Five: Free Trade's Intimate Impact-28

Six: ‘They're Taking Our Jobs'-34

Section 2: Historical Roots of the Border-41

The U.S.-Mexico War Tea Party/‘We Take Nothing by Conquest, Thank God'-43

We Take Nothing by Conquest, Thank God
by Howard Zinn

Heart of Hunger by Martín Espada-60

Section 3: NAFTA's Impact-61

The NAFTA Role Play: ‘Mexico-United States
Free Trade Conference'

Rethinking the NAFTA Record-77

After NAFTA: Mexico, a Ship on Fire-79

Section 4: First Crossing-81

Crossing Borders, Building Empathy by Bob Peterson-83

First Crossing by Pam Muñoz Ryan-87

Section 5: Life on the Border-95

Reading Chilpancingo by Linda Christensen-   97

A Toxic Legacy on the Mexican Border by Kevin Sullivan-102

The Transnational Capital Auction-105

The Women of Juárez  by Amalia Ortiz-111

Mexico Border Improvisations -113

Section 6: Resources-123

More Teaching Ideas-125

Mexico in Rethinking Globalization-128

Books and Curricula-130

Elementary Books with a Conscience by Kelley Dawson Salas-132

Videos with a Conscience-134

Organizations, Websites, Journals-143


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