Part One: Viewing Math Broadly

  1. Teaching Math Across the Curriculum — 9
    by Bob Peterson

    Teaching Suggestions: Disparities in Wealth Cartoon — 13
    Activity Box: No-TV Week Math — 14
    Driving While Black or Brown: A Math Project About Racial Profiling — 16

  2. Reading the World with Math — 19
    by Marilyn Frankenstein

    Teaching Suggestions:
    The War in Iraq Boondocks Cartoon — 20
    Activity Box: Using Math to Take a Critical Look at How the Unemployment Rate Is Determined — 23
    The War in Iraq: How Much Does It Cost? — 29

  3. Race, Retrenchment, and the
    Reform of School Mathematics
    — 31
    by William F. Tate

    Environmental Hazards:
    Is Environmental Racism Real? — 41

  4. Historical, Cultural, and Social Implications of Mathematics
    by S. E. Anderson — 43

Part Two: Infusing Social Justice into Math Classes

  1. "Home Buying While Brown or Black" — 47
    by Eric Gutstein

    Teaching Suggestions:
    Corporate Control of U.S. Media Line Graph — 49

    Teaching Suggestions:
    "And How Do You Spend Your Wages?" Cartoon — 51

  2. Sweatshop Accounting — 53
    by Larry Steele

    Activity Box:
    How Do You Live on 31 Cents an Hour? — 57

    Teaching Suggestions:
    The Global Capitalist Economy Cartoon — 59

    Globalization, Labor, and the Environment:
    A Linear Programming Unit — 62

    Poverty and World Wealth:
    Recognizing Inequality — 64

    Unequal Distribution of U.S. Wealth:
    Recognizing Inequality, Part Two — 68

  3. Chicanos Have Math in Their Blood — 70
    by Luis Ortiz-Franco

    Activity Box:
    The Hidden Grain in Meat — 74

  4. Understanding Large Numbers — 76
    by Bob Peterson

    Activity Box:
    How Many Sears Towers Tall Is $135 Billion? — 80

  5. "With Math, It's Like You Have More Defense" — 81
    by Erin E. Turner and Beatriz T. Font Strawhun

    Designing a Wheelchair Ramp:
    Putting the Pythagorean Theorem to Use — 88

  6. Radical Equations:
    A Review of the Book by
    Bob Moses and Charles E. Cobb Jr.
    — 90
    by David Levine

  7. The Geometry of Inequality — 97
    by Andrew Brantlinger

    South Central Los Angeles:
    Ratios and Density in Urban Areas — 101

  8. Integrals and Equity — 103
    by Megan Staples

    HIV/AIDS Status:
    Using Statistics to Understand Ratios — 107

    Teaching Suggestions:
    HIV Status Bus Stop Photo — 108

    Justice for Janitors:
    Rich Lessons in the Power of Math — 109

  9. Math, Maps, and Misrepresentation — 111
    by Eric Gutstein

    Teaching Suggestions:
    Map of Territory That Mexico Lost to the United States — 113

    Real-World Projects:
    Seeing Math All Around Us — 117

    Teaching Suggestions:
    Do You Support Invading Iraq? Cartoon — 121

    Deconstructing Barbie:
    Math and Popular Culture — 122

  10. Multicultural Math — 124
    by Claudia Zaslavsky

    Tracking PA Announcements:
    Collecting Data in the Classroom — 130

Part Three: Infusing Social Justice Math into Other Curricular Areas

  1. Ten Chairs of Inequality — 135
    by Polly Kellogg

    Fast Foods, Junk Foods, and Advertising:
    Analyzing the Barrage of
    Advertising Aimed at Children — 138

  2. Write the Truth: Presidents and Slaves — 140
    by Bob Peterson

    Teaching Suggestions:
    "Eight Companies Earn More"
    One-Dollar Bill Graphic — 142

    Libraries, Books, and Bias:
    Using Math to Raise Issues of Representation — 149

    The Mathematics of Lotteries:
    Going Beyond Probability — 150

  3. The Transnational Capital Auction — 152
    by Bill Bigelow

    Sweatshop Math:
    Taking a Closer Look at Where
    Kids' "Stuff" Comes From — 160

    Teaching Suggestions:
    "Work Faster!" Cartoon — 162

Part Four: Resources for Rethinking Mathematics

  1. Websites, Math Curriculum and Pedagogy,
    Books with Theoretical/Academic Perspectives, Curriculum
    Guides/Resources, Children's Books, Sources for Maps, and More — 165

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