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Funding For Justice

Contents include:

Where Has the Money Gone? by Richard Rothstein

What Should the Money Be Used For? by Robert Slavin

Savage Inequalities, 1997 An Interview with Jonathan Kozol

Does Money Make a Difference by Arthur MacEwan

Race, Power and Funding: An Historical Perspective by Robert Lowe

Tackling the Special Ed Controversy by Mara Sapon-Shevin

All Children Deserve the Best by Nel Noddings

Equity Suits Clog the Courts by Stan Karp

Who Pays the Taxes? by Jim Westrich

Equal Opportunity and the Federal Role in Education by Harvey Kantor

The Benefits of Smaller Classes by Barbara Miner

Action for Funding Justice by Bob Peterson

State by State Summaries of Funding Inequities and Legal Challenges

Edited by Stan Karp, Robert Lowe, Barbara Miner, and Bob Peterson

"Funding for Justice is an invaluable collection of essays, one of the best I've ever seen. It's readable, informative,insightful, and powerful. A great resource for anyone interested in improving our public schools."

Jeffrey Hayden, Executive Producer of the PBS Special: Children in America's Schools with Bill Moyers

A valuable, practical resource on an issue that touches every school and community. Going beneath the legal jargon and complex funding formulas, Funding for Justice presents the complicated issues of school finance in readable form for teachers and parents as well as policy makers and education advocates.

In over 25 articles packed with information, background, and analysis, Funding for Justice makes a strong case for providing both adequate and equitable funding to all schools.

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