Book Review: Grub

Summer 2006

Grub: Ideas for an Urban Organic Kitchen
By Anna Lappé and Bryan Terry
(Tarcher, 2006)
256 pp. $12.89

Very rarely does a book as complete and engaging as Grub: Ideas for an Urban Organic Kitchen make it to the mainstream. Grub, as defined by the authors, is "healthy, local, sustainable food for all ... food that supports community, justice, and sustainability." Blending a healthy mix of information, analysis, and scrumptious recipes, Grub is the ideal classroom companion for all things food. Part 1 is a well-written exposé of the industrial food complex, replete with revealing graphics and information. Part 2 features a diverse cookbook that champions seasonal and whole foods, from vegan to carnivorous options.

The most exciting part of Grub is its underlying objective: to build community around a just and sustainable food system. Grub provides a guide to throwing "grub parties," complete with recipes and discussion guides, making this book a fantastic catalyst for taking the next step in rescuing our food system. Find out more about Grub and grub parties at

Ryan Zinn ( is the national campaign coordinator for the Organic Consumers Association,

Summer 2006

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