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Volume 30 Number 4

Cover Story

Free The Problem with Story Problems

By Anita Bright

A teacher educator critiques the biases of story problems in math textbooks. Teachers around the country offer creative alternatives.


Free As a Teacher and a Daughter: The Impact of Islamophobia

By Nassim Elbardouh

A Canadian teacher discusses the impact of Islamophobia on students, especially those who are Muslim and/or from the Middle East.

Free The Politics of the Paragraph

By Michelle Kenney

The tale of a high school English teacher’s journey into—and out of—formulaic writing programs as her school struggles with high-stakes exams.

“Kill the Indian, Kill the Deaf”
Teaching about the residential schools

By Wendy Harris

Parallels in the oppressive history of residential schools for Native American and Deaf children help Deaf students better understand their history and culture.

Free A Teacher’s Letter to His Future Baby

By Greg Huntington

A teacher writes about his hopes for the person his child will become—and some of the dangers along the way.

Rethinking Identity: Afro-Mexican History

By Michelle Nicola

Latina/o students explore the impact of African roots on Mexican culture and history.


Free Letter from the Editors

Classrooms of Hope and Critique

By the editors of Rethinking Schools

Free Letters

Letters to the Editor

Free On the Road

Schools, Land, and Peace in Colombia

By Bob Peterson

Free En camino

Escuelas, tierra y paz en Colombia

Por Bob Peterson

Free Short Stuff

FBI Tells Schools to Spy on Students

Election Rhetoric Harms Students

Free Resources

Our picks for books, videos, websites, and other social justice education resources.

Free Good Stuff

Freedom Summer in Greenwood

By Rachel Cloues

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