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Volume 29 Number 2


Free A Revitalized Teacher Union Movement
Reflections from the field

By Bob Peterson

The president of the Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association describes paths and pitfalls in moving beyond bread and butter issues to social justice unionism.

Portraits from a Public School in Harlem

By Mollie Bruhn and Darren Marelli

What happens when a vibrant community school is undermined by district policies? A story in text and photographs.

Free Testing Assumptions
Zombies, flunkies, and the Providence Student Union

By Claudierre McKay, Aaron Regunberg, and Tim Shea

High school students creatively and successfully organize against high-stakes testing in Rhode Island.

Free Un examen de prejuicios: zombis, reprobados y la Unión Estudiantil de Providence

Por Claudierre McKay, Aaron Regunberg y Tim Shea

Traducido por Sunet Rubalcava

Un grupo de estudiantes de secundaria se organizan para protestar los exámenes de alto impacto de Rhode Island.


Free Happening Yesterday, Happened Tomorrow
Teaching the ongoing murders of black men

By Renée Watson

A poet/teacher/activist shows students how to use poetry to understand and share their pain and outrage.

Free Sucediendo ayer, sucedió mañana
Enseñando sobre los continuos asesinatos de hombres negros

Por Renée Watson

Traducido por Nicholas Yurchenco

Una poeta, maestra y activista le muestra a sus estudiantes cómo utilizar la poesía para entender y compartir el dolor y la rabia que sienten.

When Emma Goldman Entered the Room
Dealing with the unexpected in a role play

By Brian C. Gibbs

When misogynist stereotypes emerge during a role play, a high school history teacher must decide how best to raise the issue.

Teaching labor history in a right-to-work state

By Katy M. Swalwell

A teacher educator introduces her students to labor history and makes a case for its centrality to U.S. history.

Empowering Change Through Art
The campaign for artful resistance

By Morna McDermott

Teachers, students, and parents use art to speak truth to power about education “reform.”


Knock Knock: My Dad’s Dream for Me
By Daniel Beaty

Reviewed by Chrysanthius Lathan

No Struggle, No Progress: A Warrior’s Life from Black Power to Education Reform
By Howard Fuller with Liza Frazier Page

Reviewed by Larry Miller


Free Editorial

Educators and the Climate Crisis

By the editors of Rethinking Schools

Free Letters to the Editor

Free Short Stuff

Protests Build in Mexico Over Disappearance of Normalistas

Freedom of Student Press Under Attack

Truancy: New Market for High Tech

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Our picks for books, videos, websites, and other social justice education resources.

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Getting Deeper

By Herbert Kohl

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