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Volume 28 Number 3


Free Editorial: Queering Schools

By the editors of Rethinking Schools

How can we create classrooms and schools where discrimination and assumptions about gender and/or sexuality donít keep us from nurturing every child, parent, and staff member?

ďArenít There Any Poor Gay People Besides Me?Ē
Teaching LGBTQ issues in the rural South

By Stephanie Anne Shelton

A teacher redesigns her curriculum to support a gay student. As the classroom community strengthens, they confront the impact of poverty and geographic isolation.

Free 500 Square Feet of Respect
Queering a study of the criminal justice system

By Adam Grant Kelley

Facing conflict fueled by racism and homophobia at his school, a teacher develops curriculum for the school-to-prison pipeline aimed at building bridges and academic skills.


Free Organizing Resistance to Teach For America

By Kerry Kretchmar and Beth Sondel

Former TFA corps members join with parents, students, and veteran teachers to organize a peopleís assembly and nationalize efforts against TFA.

Free An Open Letter to New Teach For America Recruits

By Katie Osgood

A Chicago teacher urges TFA recruits to think twice before they sign up.

Teach For America: A Voice of Dissent

By Mariah Dickinson

A former TFA corps member describes her experiences inside TFA, beginning with the cultlike atmosphere of the training.


Civil Disobedience

By Christy Stevens

When a substitute is insensitive to a fragile student, her classmates look to Thoreau for inspiration about how to respond.

Desobediencia civil

Por Christy Stevens

Free Environmental Crime on Trial
Students probe the BP oil spill

By Brady Bennon

A trial role play provides the context for students to evaluate responsibility for the devastating oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Mything Mandela

By Deborah Menkart

Kadir Nelsonís acclaimed picture book Mandela portrays Nelson Mandela as an isolated hero, ignoring the movement of which he was an integral part.

Creando el mito de Mandela

Por Deborah Menkart


Free Editorial:
The Gathering Resistance to Standardized Tests

By the editors of Rethinking Schools

Free Editorial:
Aumentando la resistencia en contra de los exŠmenes estandarizados

Por los editores de Rethinking Schools

Free Letters to the Editor

Free Ed Alert:
Military Teaches Our Kids

By Seth Kershner

Free Ed Alert:
The GED Goes Private: Selling Off Second Chances

By Mich Levy, Lee Gargagliano, and Annika Butler-Wall

Free Education Action:
Victory for Portland Teachers

By Elizabeth Thiel

Free Short Stuff

Free Good Stuff:
When a Picture Book is Subversive

By Rachel Cloues

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