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Volume 28 Number 2


Free The Problems with the Common Core

By Stan Karp

The rollout of the Common Core has seemed more like a marketing campaign than an educational plan. A look at the funders, origins, and uses of the new standards shows why the pushback is building.

Free La problemática de los Estándares Comunes Estatales

Por Stan Karp, Traducido por Nicholas Yurchenco y Andreina Velasco

La introducción de los Estándares Comunes se ha parecido más a una campaña publicitaria que a un plan educativo. Un análisis de los fondos, orígenes y usos de los nuevos estándares demuestra por qué la resistencia en contra de ellos está creciendo.

Free Martin Luther King Jr. and the Common Core

A critical reading of close reading

By Daniel E. Ferguson

The chief architect of the Common Core created a model lesson of a close reading of King's “Letter from Birmingham Jail.” A teacher from Birmingham compares that to King's own critical reading of the “word” and the “world.”


Free Trayvon Martin and My Students

Writing toward justice

By Linda Christensen

President Obama's speech about the Zimmerman acquittal in Trayvon Martin's murder—and Cornel West's response—are rich sources for students learning how to analyze, evaluate, and critique.

Free Sex Talk on the Carpet

Incorporating gender and sexuality into 5th-grade curriculum

By Valdine Ciwko

Instead of leaving “the puberty talk” to the nurse, an elementary teacher incorporates age-appropriate discussion into her regular classroom routine.

Free Hablar de sexo en el salón de clases

Incorporar el género y la sexualidad en el currículo de 5to Grado

Por Valdine Ciwko, Traducido por César Peña-Sandoval

En lugar de dejarle “la charla” sobre la pubertad a la enfermera de la escuela, una maestra de primaria incorpora a las rutinas de la clase discusiones adecuadas para la edad de sus alumnos.

Looking for Justice at Turkey Creek

Out of the classroom and into the past

By Hardy Thames

High school students embed themselves in a community's history and people when they study the impact of “development” on historically African American Turkey Creek in Gulfport, Mississippi.

Greed as a Weapon

Teaching the other war in Iraq

By Adam Sanchez

A high school teacher uses a role-play to explore the economic dimensions of the war in Iraq.


Free Editorial

Connecting the Dots

By the editors of Rethinking Schools

Free Letters to the Editor

Free Good Stuff

Awareness of the Natural World

By Herbert Kohl

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