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Volume 26 Number 3

Free Accountable to Our Students —
Accountable to Their Communities

Rethinking Schools has assembled two new books that focus on what teachers are really accountable for: the learning, empowerment, and well-being of their students. In this section of the magazine, we are honored to offer five new articles from those books.


Free A Message from a Black Mom to Her Son
By Dyan Watson
An African American mother and teacher educator uses examples from her own childhood to describe how she hopes her child will be treated by teachers, and what she fears.

Free Writing for Justice • Persuasion from the Inside Out
By Mark Hansen
An elementary school teacher takes us inside his classroom to see how he builds on his students’ lives and passions to help them create persuasive essays.

Rethinking Standardized Testing and Accountability in Public Schools

Free About Those Tests I Gave You • An Open Letter to My Students
By Ruth Ann Dandrea
A middle school language arts teacher apologizes to her students for the state’s narrow and deceptive standardized test.

Free Testing Our Limits
By Melissa Bollow Tempel
First graders, three at a time, use classroom computers to take standardized tests. Their teacher explains the impact on the students and herself.

Playing Smart  • Resisting the Script
By Wayne Au
Scripted curriculum de-skills teachers and rewards students for passivity, not critical thinking. A teacher educator urges teachers to organize and fight back.


Free Challenging Corporate Ed Reform • And 10 Hopeful Signs of Resistance
By Stan Karp
The failures of the corporate education “reform” movement leave it vulnerable to genuine grassroots school transformation.

Sin Fronteras Boy • Students Create Collaborative Websites to Explore the Border
By Grace Cornell
Fourth-grade English language learners use wikis to study border issues and gain literacy skills.

Dirty Oil and Shovel-Ready Jobs • A Role Play on Tar Sands and the Keystone XL Pipeline
By Abby Mac Phail
High school students learn about the conflict over the pipeline by participating in a role play.



Free Occupy Education
By the editors of Rethinking Schools

Free Outlawing Solidarity in Arizona
By the editors of Rethinking Schools


Defending Tucson’s Mexican American Studies Program
United Opt Out Occupies DOE
Appointed Chicago Board Slams 17 Schools

By Moé Yonamine
“But You Guys Wanted Us Here”
ANPO: Art X War Tackles the U.S. Occupation of Japan

By Wayne Au
Made in Seattle

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