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Volume 25 Number 3


Free EDITORIAL • Our Climate Crisis Is an Education Crisis
By the editors of Rethinking Schools
Why is there so little teaching or discussion of climate change in classrooms?

Free Got Coal? • Teaching About the Most Dangerous Rock in America
By Bill Bigelow
Students play a game promoted by the coal industry—then dig beneath the surface to look at the realities of mountaintop removal mining.

Coal at the Movies • Classroom DVDs on Coal and Mountaintop Removal Mining
Compiled by Bill Bigelow
Video resources for the classroom, plus links to activist websites.

Free Science for the People • High School Students Investigate Community Air Quality
By Tony Marks-Block
Ninth graders develop science literacy as they become neighborhood environmental experts and activists.

Who’s Bashing Teachers and Public Schools and What Can We Do About It?
By Stan Karp
To build an effective movement against the top-down strategies that are ripping public education apart, we need to take a closer look at who wants “reform” and why.

Keepers of the Second Throat
By Patricia Smith
“When Chicago stole my mother’s tongue, it also stole all her yesterdays.” A poet’s lyric plea for teachers to nurture their students’ voices and stories.

Talking Back to the World • Turning Poetic Lines into Visual Poetry
By Renée Watson
Student poetry about “what raised me” is woven into graphic art.

Bad Signs
By Alfie Kohn
What are the real messages in the “inspirational” slogans covering classroom walls? Plus some better alternatives.

Fuzzy Math • A Meditation on Test Scoring
By Meredith Jacks
A middle school writing teacher reflects on a day spent scoring districtwide math tests.

Support That Can’t Support • My Induction Program Experience
By Elaine Engel
Are peer mentoring programs bowing to the pressure to teach to the test?

Wisconsin Uprising • Justice Is in the Air

Free GOOD STUFF • Provocations
By Herb Kohl

Our picks for books, websites, and other resources for social justice teaching

Free Scholastic Inc. • Pushing Coal
By Bill Bigelow
A 4th-grade curriculum lies through omission.