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Volume 25 Number 2

Free COVER STORIES •Saving Our Schools from Superheroes

Superhero School Reform Heading Your Way • Now Playing in Newark, NJ
By Stan Karp
Newark is a test case for celebrities and big money to “burst the dam” that has protected public education.

The Ultimate $uperpower • Supersized Dollars Drive Waiting for ‘Superman’ Agenda
By Barbara Miner
An investigative report on the analog conservatives and digital billionaires behind the film’s interlaced marketing and political campaigns.


'If There Is No Struggle . . .' • Teaching a People’s History of the Abolition Movement
By Bill Bigelow
Students “become” members of an abolitionist organization and grapple with the strategic dilemmas faced by one of the most significant U.S. social movements.

'My Teacher Is a Lesbian' • Coming Out at School
By Jody Sokolower
Adventures of an “out” teacher and some suggestions for deciding if and how to come out to your students.

Free Neither Fair Nor Accurate • Research-Based Reasons Why High-Stakes Tests Should Not Be Used to Evaluate Teachers
By Wayne Au
Six clear explanations why “value-added measurements” don’t make sense for teacher assessment.

Free Teaching Is a Fight • An Interview with Sal Castro
By Gilda L. Ochoa
Reminiscences by the teacher who helped lead the 1968 Chicana/o student “blowouts” in Los Angeles.

The History All Around Us • Roosevelt High School and the 1968 Eastside Blowouts
By Brian C. Gibbs
The school building becomes text when a teacher uses place as a way to make history come alive.

Whitening Arizona • Teacher Education in a Time of War Against Our Students
By Anita Fernández
When children are under attack, teacher educators need to instill activism as well as pedagogy in preservice teachers.

Free EDITORIAL • Every School a Sanctuary
By the editors of Rethinking Schools


A Tribute to Frank Emi

Chicago Parents Demand a School Library—and Win


Free Saurcana, Terror from the Sea
By Robert Hager
Reviewed By Susan Van Haitsma

Free Mixed: Portraits of Multiracial Kids
By Kip Fulbeck
Reviewed By Melissa Bollow Tempel

By Herbert Kohl

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