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Volume 23 Number 4

The Big One
By Bill Bigelow
The environmental crisis requires a profound social and curricular rethinking.

A Pedagogy for Ecology
By Ann Pelo
Helping students build an ecological identity and a conscious connection to place opens them to a broader bond with the earth.

The Wonder of Nature
By Bob Peterson
A review of The Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder, The Sense of Wonder, and A Sand County Almanac.

Rethinking Lunchtime
By Michael K. Stone
Lunch is too important to be thought of as the ritual pit stop between classroom and playground.

Educating Heather
By Lauren G. McClanahan
First-person narratives about climate change bridge the gap for students between theory and reality.

Teachable Moments Not Just for Kids
By Susan Naimark
When parents avoid connecting, they model for children how not to talk about race and racism.

Beat It! Defeat It! Racist Cookies: We Won't Eat It!
By Bree Picower
How racist cookies spurred a teacher and her education students to take action.

'Bait and Switch'
By Barbara Miner
Voucher advocates are fast-talking their way around a new report that cast doubts on the value of the program.

America's Army Invades Our Classrooms
By Corey Mead
The Army's new high-tech strategy for winning recruits.

Teaching for Joy and Justice
By Linda Christensen
An excerpt from Christensen's new book, Teaching for Joy and Justice: Re-imagining the Language Arts Classroom.

By Sarah Knopp
Los Angeles teachers take on LAUSD's mandated tests.

Connected to the Community
By Marianne Smith and Jan Osborn
A look inside I-Teach, an effective model for preparing and retaining teachers.

Izzit Capitalist Propaganda?
By Julie Knutson
DVDs from Izzit.org follow a familiar free-market script.

'It Was So Much Fun! I Died of Massive Blood Loss!'
By Karen Park Koenig
A mock battle highlights the line between role-playing and re-enactment.