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Volume 23 Number 3

Arne Duncan and the Chicago Success Story: Myth or Reality?
By Jitu Brown, Eric (Rico) Gutstein, and Pauline Lipman
Yes, he played basketball with the president, but there's more to know—and be worried about—when it comes to the new secretary of education

Dunking on Arne Duncan
By Dave Zirin
Arne Duncan's got game on the court, but public education needs somebody better

When '21st-Century Schooling' Just Isn't Good Enough: A Modest Proposal
By Alfie Kohn
Compete, nothing! We're out to win the global education race, right?

Knock Knock: Turning Pain into Power
By Linda Christensen
When poet and Obie-winning playwright Daniel Beaty speaks, people listen, learn, and are inspired

Knock Knock
By Daniel Beaty

Silenced in the Classroom
By Seth Wessler
The saga of New York's Khalil Gibran Academy

Reinventing Schools That Keep Teachers in Teaching
By Deb Meier
It's time to consider how to create schools that are themselves centers for the continual learning of everyone involved

Tellin' Stories, Finding Common Ground
By David Levine
A Washington, D.C., school shows the promise of how parent organizing contributes to equity-driven urban school reform

Six, Going on Sixteen
By Geralyn Bywater McLaughlin
Six, Going on Sixteen Fighting "age compression" and the commercialization of childhood

Free 10 Ways to Move Beyond Bully-Prevention (and Why We Should)
By Lyn Mikel Brown
Thinking critically about bully-prevention programs

Dignity and a Haircut
By Wayne Au
A review of the film American Pastime and baseball under mass incarceration

Teaching Objection
by Zachary Bullock
How textbooks distort and lie about conscientious objection to World War II.