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Volume 22 Number 4

"The Laptops Are Coming! The Laptops Are Coming!"
By Sarah Heller McFarlane
Things to think about before the laptops arrive in your classroom.

Free A Time to End the Silences
By the Editors of Rethinking Schools
"When texts don't talk about racism, when standards don't mention racism, when teachers don't teach about racism, they automatically eliminate any discussion of anti-racism."

Prophet Motives
An excerpt from Keeping the Promise?: The Debate Over Charter Schools
"Any discussion of charter schools must ask not only whether charters promote a worthwhile vision of public education, but also whether they are faithful to their own promises."

Fault Lines in Merit Pay
By Sam Coleman
"Far from addressing the systemic, institutionalized problems in New York City's public schools, the city's test-based pay program attempts to provide a 'silver bullet' solution by relying on crass material incentives."

City Teaching: Beyond the Stereotypes
By Gregory Michie
"For city teachers, it's also about functioning within—and challenging—a system that in many ways works to undercut and even thwart your best efforts."

Rethinking MySpace
By Antero Garcia
"As an educator constantly searching for ways to use popular culture in my classroom, I decided to make MySpace part of my teaching repertoire."

Childhood Is Dying
By Dahr Jamail and Ahmed Ali
"Iraq's children have been more gravely affected by the U.S. occupation than any other segment of the population."

Empire or Humanity
By Howard Zinn
"The American Empire has always been a bipartisan project—Democrats and Republicans have taken turns extending it, extolling it, justifying it."


Putting a Human Face On the Immigration Debate
By Steven Picht-Trujillo and Paola Ledezma
"For those of us working with immigrant populations, we have in our students living examples that we can use to bring the immigration issue to the forefront and teach all of our students."

Open Letter to the Hispanic Scholarship Fund
From the Association of Raza Educators
The Association of Raza Educators implores you: open your scholarships to all students of Hispanic descent regardless of citizenship.

Everything Flowers
By Lisa Espinosa
"I noted the biased curriculum... the absence of lessons on the Chicano movement or other aspects of my history and culture, the various attempts to make me less Mexican and more white."

Pump Up the Blowouts
By Gilda L. Ochoa
"This year is the 40th anniversary of the Chicana/o School Blowouts, and I wonder how schools, communities, and the media will mark this important movement."

Review: Our Dignity Can Defeat AnyoneBy Julie Treick O'Neill A review of the film Maquilapolis [City of Factories]