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Volume 22 Number 3

"Rewriting the Script"
Together, the following eight articles outline how the standards-tests-punishment machine has subverted public schools from their democratic promise. With action, we can write a future where education isn't a soulless profit machine for the few.

Beyond NCLB
By Monty Neill
"Progressive educators in particular have sharply criticized NCLB for encouraging the reduction of schooling to test prep. However, a comprehensive proposal to overhaul the federal law to meet the requirements of progressive education, civil rights, and social justice has not fully emerged."

The Power of Words
Linda Christensen
Top-down mandates masquerade as social justice reforms

Teaching in Dystopia
By Wayne Au
"The problem is this: Testing is killing education. Not only is it narrowing the curriculum generally, it promotes bad pedagogy, while making some private companies very rich in the process."

Reading First, Libraries Last
By Rachel Cloues
"In these bleak NCLB days of regimented, scripted reading programs and financially drained school districts, I am deeply worried about the future of elementary school libraries."

The Scripted Prescription
By Peter Campbell
"It saddened me to think that my daughter's first impression of school was based on taking a test and failing it."

Bogus Claims About Reading First
By Stephen Krashen
"If Reading First were only mildly effective, there would be obvious improvement."

Think Less BenchmarksBy Amy Gutowski "Thanks to the folks at the Discovery Channel, that TV channel with the nifty little logo of the earth spinning, my 8-year-old students have four more opportunities to stop learning and fill in the bubbles."

Textbook Scripts, Student Lives
By Jana Dean
"Textbooks, published by corporations that have much to gain by maintaining business as usual, aren't likely to press students to envision a future any different from the past and present."

Bonfire of the Disney Princesses
By Barbara Ehrenreich
"Disney likes to think of the Princesses as role models, but what a sorry bunch of wusses they are."

Underfunded Schools Cut Past Tense from Language Programs
By The Onion
"A part of American school curricula for more than 200 years, the past tense was deemed by school administrators to be too expensive to keep in primary and secondary education."

TV Selfishness and Violence Explode During 'War On Terror'
By Margot Pepper
"Six years into the 'War on Terror,' my 2nd-grade Spanish immersion students found that aggression, selfishness, and insults have exploded on national television."

Queer Matters
By William DeJean and Anne René Elsebree
"While we were excited to support the opening of the educational closet, unintentionally we became seen as the 'residential experts' for all things queer."

Feeding Two Birds With One Hand
By Bob Peterson
"I can't imagine any teacher union leader or local school board member who wouldn't welcome a new federal program that would make the issue of healthcare benefits a moot point in bargaining."

Building Teacher Solidarity
An interview with Larry Kuehn
"We need to engender a sense of social movement tied to the struggles of the past, and work to forge solutions to some of today's new problems."

The Power of Words
Linda Christensen
Top-down mandates masquerade as social justice reforms