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Volume 21 Number 4

COVER STORY: Exit Strategies
By Stan Karp
Getting us out of the war in Iraq and NCLB requires challenging the premises that got us into these messes in the first place.

EDITORIAL: 'Lego Fascists' (that's us) vs. Fox News
By the Editors
What's so wrong about questioning modern American values such as consumerism and militarism?

NCLB and the Military
By Gregory Sotir
California teachers take a stand against the NCLB-aided military blitz on in-school recruiting.

'Narrow and Unlovely'
By Leigh Dingerson
Before the floodwaters receded in New Orleans, conservative education reformers rushed in selling a market-based future.

Money, Schools, and Justice
By Stan Karp
School funding systems mirror—and reproduce—the inequality we see all around us.

Shaking Foundations
By Kristan Morrison
Virginia professors take on the state's attempt to eliminate "Social Foundations of Education" from required course work.

Do Ask, Do Tell
By Therese Quinn and Erica Meiners
Two Chicago educators question the premier teacher education accrediting agency's removal of social justice and sexual orientation language from its standards.

Living Algebra, Living Wage
By Jana Dean
Eighth graders finally get what they ask for: an algebra lesson for the "real world."

Language Lessons
By Denise M. Hanson
Using native Spanish speakers to instruct their classmates in more than just verbs and pronunciation.

Following the Flame
By Jennifer Lindstrom
Teacher and students discover that even critically acclaimed literature can disenfranchise as well as empower.

Edwina Left Behind
By Sören Wuerth
Edwina did what was asked of her. Did Alaska do everything it could for her?

Can't Buy Me Love
By Linda Christensen
Linda Christensen gets students to write critically about clothes, class, and consumption.

Continent Ecology
By Jeanne White
Children's books that promote environmental education in the primary grades.