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Volume 21 Number 1

COVER STORY: The Tougher Standards Fad Hits Home
By Alfie Kohn
Invoking "accountability" and "competitiveness" to justify homework.

EDITORIAL: The Educational Land Grab
By the editors of Rethinking Schools
For predatory "disaster capitalists," Hurricane Katrina was another opportunity to cash in on disaster, and the resulting chaos has left schools fragmented and confused.

Dismantling a Community
A timeline compiled by Leigh Dingerson, the Center for Community Change

Voices from the Big Uneasy
The following articles are from participants in the Students at the Center (SAC) program, which encourages current and former New Orleans students and teachers to write about their lives, in school and out. Thanks to Jim Randels for providing these materials.

Hurricane Katrina: Reading injustice, celebrating solidarity
By Linda Christensen

Solidarity Not Charity
By Larry Miller
An interview with Shakoor Aljuwani of the Common Ground Collective.

It Is About All of Us
By Brenda Mitchell
Excerpts from a speech by the president of United Teachers of New Orleans.

Into the Flood and Out Again
By LauraElizabeth Adelman-Cannon
A year in the life of a New Orleans schoolteacher.

Exploding the Privatization Myth
By Barbara Miner
Charter and private schools are no better than public schools-and sometimes they're worse.

Socrates, Plato, Eric and Guys Like Me
By Jeff Sapp
Remembering educator and activist Eric Rofes (1954~2006).

Overhauling NCLB
By Monty Neill
It's time to mobilize for an education law that actually improves schools.

Deepening Democracy
By Maria Hantzopoulos
How one school's fairness committee offers an alternative to "discipline".

Fear of History
By Robert Jensen
Florida's new law undermines critical thinking.

Bringing Globalization Home
By Jody Sokolower
A high school teacher helps immigrant students draw on their own expertise.

Rethinking School Readiness
By Debra R. Sullivan
An entire community comes together to discuss how to make schools work for children. Getting School Ready Rethinking Teacher Unions By Lois Weiner A film on Mexican teachers presents an activist, hopeful vision of unionism.

Rethinking Teacher Unions
By Lois Weiner
A film on Mexican teachers presents an activist, hopeful vision of unionism