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Volume 20 Number 1

The Shame of the Nation
By Jonathan Kozol
The restoration of apartheid schooling in America.

Editorial: Katrina's Lessons
By the Editors of Rethinking Schools
It wasn't just the hurricane that devastated the Gulf; it was also a slower, more preventable surge of racism and poverty.

Keeping Public Schools Public: Free-Market Education
By Barbara Miner
Graphic evidence that school vouchers do not guarantee school quality in Milwaukee.

Commentary: Christopher Columbus and the Iraq War
By Bill Bigelow
How the myth built up around Columbus has helped condition kids to accept imperial adventures like the Iraq war.

Reconstructing Race
By Nathaniel W. Smith
A teacher introduces his students to the slippery concept of race.

Teaching About Global Warming in Truck Country
By Jana Dean
Helping kids who've grown up in the "truck culture" examine climate change.

Rethinking Agatha Christie
By Sudie Hofmann
The strange and offensive history of "Ten Little Indians" (Hint: They weren't always called "Indians.")

Playing with Gender
By Ann Pelo
Staff members at an early-childhood center ask hard questions about gender identity.

Students Galvanize for Immigrant Rights
By Ryan Knudson and Al Levie
How a high school club in Wisconsin has changed the lives of students and parents, and impacted their whole community.

Review: Inspiration from Mexico's Rank and File
By Bob Peterson
Film: Granito de Arena [Grain of Sand]