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Volume 19 Number 3

Some Favorite Books for Young Children
By the Editors of Rethinking Schools
In December, with the support of the Peppercorn Foundation, Rethinking Schools sponsored a writers' retreat near Portland, Ore., for a number of early childhood educators from around the country. We asked retreat participants to share with us a few of their favorite books for working with young children. We include some of them here.

FreeHeather's Moms Got Married
By Mary Cowhey
Second graders talk about gay marriage.

Framing the Family Tree
By Sudie Hofmann
How teachers can be sensitive to students' family situations.

Welcoming Kalenna
By Laura Linda Negri-Pool
An early childhood teacher strives to make all her students feel at home.

Strawberry Fields Forever?
By Cirila Ramírez
An early childhood teacher draws on her past while teaching children of migrant farmworkers.

Testing Lang
By Amy Gutowski
A terrific young reader runs smack into a fill-in the blank reading test and his teacher asks: How many kids like this are being left behind?

Holding Nyla
By Katie Kissinger
An inclusion classroom becomes the stage for learning and acceptance.

What About Play?
By Sharna Olfman
When "screen time" and drills replace open-ended play, kids lose out.

By Seth Shteir
Not only do my students play in the classroom, but it's good for them.

Exploring Our Urban Wilderness
By Mark Hansen
A second- and third-grade teacher helps his students discover the natural world in their urban environment.

FreeEditorial: The Tsunami and Other Disasters
By the Editors of Rethinking Schools
Ask your students: Why is it that sometimes a lot of people get killed and it's a disaster, and sometimes it's just "unavoidable civilian casualties"?

Essay: We Are the World
By Mary Compton
A call for solidarity among teachers around the world to combat forces of globalization and privatization.

'Is This Just Regular English?'
By Esmé Schwall
An English teacher examines how tracking affects her students.

The Recruitment Minefield
By Bill Bigelow
Critical literacy activities can protect students against predatory military recruiting.

Integrals and Equity
By Megan Staples
A math lesson prompts new awareness for prep school students-and their teacher. The Geometry of Inequality By Andrew Brantlinger A math activity explores some of the causes of the 1992 "Rodney King Riots" in South Central Los Angeles.

FreeACTION EDUCATION California's Grassroots Grow
By Amalia Oulahan
Students from the Californians for Justice Education Fund (CFJ), a statewide grassroots organization, along with their peers, parents, and teachers, organized and provided testimony for the Williams case.

NO CHILD LEFT UNTESTED Closing the Door on Our Kids
By Wayne Au
Once again, educators are being told that we have to do more with less.

FreeBOOK REVIEWS Leaving Children Behind Edited by Angela Valenzuela Reviewed by Wayne Au Leaving Children Behind is a collection of mostly academic articles that take a detailed look at the impact Texas' accountability system is having on its Latino population.