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Volume 19 Number 2

Free Editorial: Four More Years—of Resistance
By the Editors of Rethinking Schools
George W. Bush may still be president of the United States, but he's still not president of our curriculum.

Moving Beyond Judgment—My Dirty Little Secret
By Linda Christensen
The celebrated language-arts teacher "comes clean" on why she hasn't graded a student paper in 28 years.

'With Math, It's Like You Have More Defense'
By Erin E. Turner and Beatriz T. Font Strawhun
Students use mathematics to investigate and affect overcrowding at their school.

The Hero's Human Heart
By S.J. Childs
"In the Time of Butterflies" by Julia Alzarez, a novel about female revolutionaries in the Dominican Republic, teaches important lessons on how ordinary people can become heroes.

New Kids on the Block
By Robin Cooley
Fifth graders use Judy Blume's novel Iggie's House to think about racism, anti-racism and the importance of acting for justice.

My Year With Nike
By Rachel Cloues
The author, who teaches in Nike's hometown of Beaverton, Oregon, recounts a year of troubling field trips sponsored by the corporate giant.

All Work And No Play
By Sharna Olfman
How education reforms and the "accountability" movement are hurting our nation's youngest children.

Cybertots: Technology and the Preschool Child
By Jane Healy
Teachers and parents beware: Time spent on computers may entrench bad learning habits in young children.

Teaching in Black and White
By Terry Burant and Michelle McClure
Two college-level educators make race central to their teaching—by teaching together.

Re-examining the Revolution
By Ray Raphael
Giving a nod to multiculturalism is not the same as getting the story of the American Revolution right.

KEEPING PUBLIC SCHOOLS PUBLIC Testing Companies Mine for Gold
By Barbara Miner
The Bush testing craze has test makers raking in the green with almost no questions asked.

COMMENTARY My Mother's Spanish
By Salvador Gabaldón
Embracing English doesn't have to mean leaving your family's first language behind.

Free ACTION EDUCATION Youth Speak Out Against War, Recruitment
By David Walsh
Students in Boulder, Colorado occupy their high school overnight.

By Richard Rothstein
Testing Tots - Even 4-year-olds are being subjected to inappropriate assessment, and lots of it.

Free BOOK REVIEW: Commercialized Kids / Born to Buy
By Bob Peterson

Free BOOK REVIEW: We the People
By Bill Bigelow
Voices of A People's History of the United States

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Free Good Stuff: In Praise of Play
By Herbert Kohl

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