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Volume 19 Number 1

Standardizing Imperialism
By Christine E. Sleeter
A look at how California's standards discourage students from looking critically at U.S. foreign policy, and implicitly teach imperialism.

Measuring Water with Justice
By Bob Peterson
A multidisciplinary lesson helps elementary students explore the economics, science, and politics of one of the world's most precious resources.

Sweatshop Accounting
By Larry Steele
A high school teacher shares lessons on economic justice with his business-education students.

Editorial: A Nation at Risk
By the Editors of Rethinking Schools
The Bush administration needs to be taken to task, both for the counterproductive and misnamed No Child Left Behind act and for the Iraq war, which threatens to siphon off more of our country's resources and kill more of our students.

The No Child Left Behind Test | PDF (74
By Stan Karp
k) Since today's education policymakers seem to love this format, Rethinking Schools presents a multiple-choice test on NCLB that unlike most multiple choice tests, this one has some educational value.

Leaving Children Behind
By Micaela Rubalcava
At first glance this elementary school would make a great ad for the No Child Left Behind act. But beneath the orderly classrooms and good test scores, the author senses great tension among the kids. At recess, students share insights about what NCLB is doing to them, and what makes school meaningful.

The NCLB ZoneAu takes a trip to a strange world -- this one, unfortunately -- where "highly qualified" can mean low-quality teaching.

Voucher Supporters Attack KerryWhy are pro-voucher organizations running anti-Kerry ads in African-American communities in swing states?

Making History: John Kerry speaks out on Vietnam, 1971
By the Editors of Rethinking Schools
John Kerry's groundbreaking 1971 speech against the Vietnam War can be a useful teaching tool.

Poetry: Labeled
By Lise Spangenthal
A middle-school teacher shares her reaction to the "underperforming" label.

Blowing the Whistle on the Texas Miracle
An Interview with Robert Kimball by Catherine Capellaro
Rethinking Schools' managing editor interviews the man who shined a spotlight on the dropout scandal in Houston. A former dropout himself, Kimball describes the retaliation he has suffered for poking holes in empty education reforms, and describes his continuing battle against institutional racism in education.

Student Voices — Poem: Nobody Knows
By Andrea Yancey
A student poem prompted by watching Fahrenheit 9/11

Action EducationA look at education activism around the country.

Good StuffColumnist Herbert Kohl looks at two powerful first-person narratives, The Big Picture, by Dennis Littky and I Am a Pencil, by Sam Swope.