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Volume 18 Number 4

Editorial: Teaching Against the Lies
By the Editors of Rethinking Schools
Teachers need to equip their students to think critically about our government's policies. It's a matter of life and death.

Taming the Beast
By Stan Karp
While Democrats and Republicans bicker about whether the No Child Left Behind act is funded at the right level, they've missed the point: Fully funding the law might make things worse.

Seed Money for Conservatives
By Barbara Miner
Follow the money trail from the Department of Education to conservative, pro-privatization organizations.

Making Every Lesson Count
By Linda Christensen
Want to helping students learn to write? Get them writing about what they love.

Teaching in the Undertow
By Gregory Michie
Advice for new teachers on how to survive their first years.

Privatization, English Style
By Bob Peterson
An interview with Richard Hatcher, who's been involved in decades of struggle for equal education in England.

Brown Doll, White Doll: Partner poems help students talk back
By Shwayla James and Heidi Tolentino
Fighting racial stereotypes with poems written for two voices.

Sticking it to the Man
By Wayne Au
Critiques of two recent movies that depict U.S. schools, "School of Rock" and "The Perfect Score".

Beyond the Bake Sale
By Terry Moore
Lessons on hunger and who is afflicted by it.

Confronting Child Labor
By Katharine Johnson
Students look beyond designer labels and examine the international oppression of workers

Action EducationA look at education activism around the country. Teachers Tour U.S.-Mexico Border Fasting for Funding Milwaukeeans Organize to Fight Budget Cuts DEPARTMENTS Good Stuff