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Volume 18 Number 2

Getting the Lead Out
By Erik Ness
Lead poisoning is affecting up to 300,000 students a year in our nation's classrooms.

Teaching About Toxins
By Kelley Dawson Salas
A Rethinking Schools editor explores the environment's effects on her students' health in the classroom.

Editorial: Standing Up for Immigrant Students
By the editors of Rethinking Schools
Hardworking students should be able to realize their dreams of higher education.

Reader Response
By Jonathan Scott
A response to Linda Christensen's article "The Politics of Correction."

Vouchers: Special Ed Students Need Not Apply
By Barbara Miner
Charter and voucher schools are required to do very little to accommodate students with special needs.

Some Gaps Count More Than Others
By Stan Karp
Goals of equal test scores in NCLB are overshadowed by economic inequalities.

Losing Ground
By Wayne Au
Budget cuts threaten one of the nation's best multicultural institutions.

Lessons from a Garden Spider
By Kate Lyman
An ordinary spider assists a multilingual third-grade classroom.

Beyond Pink and Blue
By Robin Cooley
A unit on gender stereotypes inspires students to take action.

"Do or Die Land"
By Andrew Gumbel
A British parent confronts the realities of U.S. schooling

Stealth Recruiting
by David Goodman
NCLB's provisions give military recruiters access to student contact information

See You When We Get There
By Greg Michie
Profiling an African American teacher on Chicago's south side.

Dressing Up
by Carol Michaels Foresta
A principal deals with a student's unusual request.

It's a Good Thing
by Steven Wolk
Teachers can help students express values both in and outside of the classroom.