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Volume 17 Number 4

Learning to Read and the ‘W Principle’
By Gerald Coles
Force-feeding direct instruction to poor kids won’t help them learn to read.

Captives of the Script
By Richard J. Meyer
Scripted phonics programs hold students and teachers as curriculum hostages.

Wall Street Journal Loses School Board Race
By Bob Peterson
Milwaukee’s voucher program puts an election in the national spotlight.

Turning Her Back
By Stacie Williams
Toni Smith talks about why she refused to salute the flag.

‘I Chose the Baby’
By Priscilla Pardini
Without support, the consequences for young moms can be devastating.

A Supportive Place for Teen Parents
By Priscilla Pardini
Teen moms flourish at Lady Pitts High School in Milwaukee.

Learning from the Past, Talking About the Present
By Kelley Dawson
A fourth-grade teacher reflects on her own schooling and poses hard questions.

The War and Our Students
By Bill Bigelow
A conversation with Sandra Childs about teaching about the war in Iraq.

Straight Talk with Kids About War
By Michael Ames Connor
Does “age appropriateness” require soft-pedaling the awful truth of war?

Student Clubs: A Model for Political Organizing
By Alan Singer
A former high school teacher recalls how his students put lessons into action.

Danger in the Earth: Teaching About Landmines
By Elisabeth King
An international issue generates student activism.