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Volume 17 Number 3

'A Ghetto Within a Ghetto'
By Joel McNally
African-American students are over-represented in special ed.

Seventh Graders and Sexism
By Lisa Espinosa
A new teacher puts theory into action in her Chicago classroom.

Colorado Upholds the Right to Bilingual Education
By Padres Unidos
A community group reflects on the successful struggle against Unz.

Proposed Budget Cuts Trigger Student Walkouts
By Alex Diamond
A Portland high school student responds to the state's brutal cuts.

Focus on Affirmative Action
By Ellis Henican and Derrick Z. Jackson
Two op-eds expose Bush's hypocrisy on affirmative action.

E.S.E.A. Watch
By Stan Karp
Equity claims for NCLB don't pass the test.

Keeping Public Schools Public
By Barbara Miiner
Corporations and churches cash in on funding opportunities.