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Volume 17 Number 2

Cover Story: Abstinence-Only Education Continues to Flourish
By Priscilla Pardini
If half of U.S. teens are sexually active, why aren't we giving them the full story?

'McDonald's or IBM'
By Damien Jackson
In North Carolina, eighth graders are forced to decide their fates.

Keeping Public Schools Public
By Barbara Miner
Tuition tax credits: vouchers in disguise.

Remembering Paul Wellstone
By Herbert Kohl
Wellstone was from the 'Republic of Conscience.'

'A Harsh Agenda'
By Paul Wellstone
The late Senator Paul Wellstone's views on testing.

E.S.E.A. Watch
By Bob Peterson
Testing reigns in Britain - but resistance is growing.

Taking a Stand for Learning
By Gregory Michie
Chicago teachers speak out against a 'really bad test'.

C.A.S.E. Letter
By Tracy Wagner
Creating a Literate and Compassionate Community A new teacher reflects on her first year of teaching and the power of poetry.

Free Rethinking Globalization
By Bill Bigelow
Thinking in pictures.

Reading and Writing the World
By Linda Christensen
Justice for Janitors: Making the invisible visible.

Exploring Child Labor with Young Students
By Kate Lyman
They can understand a lot more than some people imagine.

Bringing the Civil Rights Movement into the Classroom
By Larry Miller
Students can identify with the rich tradition of resistance in U.S. history.

Voices of Black Liberation
By Derrick Jackson
A roleplay helps examine strategies of freedom struggles.

What War Looks Like
By Howard Zinn
A historian asks us to confront the realities of war.

Discriminating Against 'Regular' Kids
By Michelle Heacox
A former student speaks out against elite programs that require parents to volunteer.

Bilingual Education is a Human and Civil Right
A Rethinking Schools Editorial

La educación bilingüe es un derecho civil y humano  DEPARTMENTS No Comment! - News that needs no explanation