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Volume 16 Number 3

Supreme Court Debates Vouchers
By Barbara Miner
Justices hear oral arguments on the most important education case since the 1954 Brown decision.

Milwaukee Voucher Accounting Loophole Gives Away Millions
By Erik Gunn
Little known provision allows voucher schools to add in costs of buildings paid for long ago.

Exploring Women's Rights
By Dale Weiss
A first-grade teacher uses the 1908 Bread and Roses textile strike to help her students understand International Women's Day.

Stocks For Fun and Propaganda
By Mark Maier
In schools across the country, students take part in stock market simulation games. But these games often teach the wrong lesson.

Special Education: Promises and Problems
By Priscilla Pardin
i As Congress takes up reauthorization of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, a key question is whether it will fulfill its funding pledges.

The History of Special Education
By Priscilla Pardini

A View From the Other Side
By Sue Gramling
Too often school staff fail to see parents as allies

What is an IEP?
By Priscilla Pardini

Teachers Reject Testing 'Bribes'
By David Bacon
Across California, a growing number of teachers are rejecting the financial incentives tied to scores on high-stakes testing.

Testing Companies Go for the Gold
By David Bacon

Defeating Despair
By Bill Bigelow
An excerpt from the forthcoming book, Rethinking Globalization: Teaching for Justice in an Unjust World.

For-Profits Target Education
By Barbara Miner
Despite the high-sounding rhetoric of companies such as Edison, stock prices and profits - not education - are at the heart of privatization.

Edison's Elusive Profits

A Letter From Kaeli
By Patty Bode
An art teacher helps first-grade students think about skin color and bias.

Standards and MulticulturalismA Dialogue between Anita Bohn and Christine Sleeter Two noted educators discuss how the increasing reliance on textbooks and standardized tests undermines multicultural education.

Anti-Racist Organizing in Los Angeles
By Kirti Baranwal and Alex Caputo-Pearl
Members of the Coalition for Educational Justice explain the group's origins and its campaign against high-stakes testing.

Bush Backs Anti-gay Discrimination
By Stacie Williams
New federal education law withholds federal funds from schools that take a stance against the Boy Scouts.

Activists to Gather in Milwaukee
By Kelley Dawson
National Coalition of Education Activists to hold biennial conference this July in Milwaukee

The Wounded Knee Massacre and Children's Books
By Beverly Slapin and Doris Seale

From Coffee to Coca
By Chris Fons
A classroom-friendly book helps students recognize how world trade affects our lives.

A Book About Hope
By Linda Christensen

Editorial: Special Education - Promises to Keep
By Rethinking Schools
Special Education remains a promise unfulfilled. It is time to renew our commitment - and ensure the programs and resources necessary to fulfill that commitment.

Teach Justice!A New Milwaukee Discussion Series