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Volume 16 Number 1

Schools More Separate: Consequences of a Decade of Resegregation
By Gary Orfield
A special report on the growing segregation in U.S. schools despite an increasingly diverse student population. What will this mean for the fight for equal education opportunity?

Bamboozled By The Texas Miracle
By Teddi Beam-Conroy
Texas is the model for President Bush's education agenda. Your classroom may never be the same.

Summer Camp For Teachers
By S. J. Childs
An innovative professional development project expands the literature canon and creates teacher experts.

'Choice' And Other White Lies
By Makani N. Themba
We forget, at our own peril, what was and remains a movement that abandons public education.

Voucher's Money Man
By Barbara Miner
Without the millions of dollars guided in vouchers by Michael Joyce, vouchers would most likely not exist in Wisconsin.

Fairness For First Graders
By Stephanie Walters
Is first grade too young to teach about movements for justice? A beginning teacher makes an attempt.

Who Do We Hear?
By Jessie L. Auger
Language is power, and this is as true in the mathematics classroom as in the English classroom.

Racism and Reparations
By Maning Marable
The time has come for whites to acknowledge the legacy of nearly 250 years of slavery and almost 100 years of legal segregation.

'What We Want, What We Believe'
By Wayne Au
A teacher uses the Black Panther's Ten Point Program to prompt students to consider today's big issues.

The Panther Party's Ten Point Program

FOX TV Goes to High School
By Stan Karp
'Boston Public' isn't so much a show about high school as it is a soap opera set in one.

The Three R's