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Volume 15 Number 4

Time to Learn
By Kelley Dawson
The first year of teaching can be an exhausting nightmare. How one new teacher not only survived, but stayed true to her vision.

Teaching and Cultural Competence
By Gloria Ladson-Billings
What does it take to be a successful teacher in an urban classroom? An excerpt from Ladson-Billings' new book, Crossing to Canaan.

Lessons Learned
By Gloria Ladson-Billings
Some of the lessons that Gloria Ladson-Billings has drawn from working with the Teach for Diversity certification program, as mentioned in the article above.

Race and the Achievement Gap
By Harold Berlak
Using standardized tests to measure achievement perpetuates a system of institutionalized racism and lends the cloak of science to discrimination.

Resisting High-Stakes Tests
By Susan Ohanian
Teachers follow their principles and refuse to take part in the high-stakes game.

Ohio Teachers Give Tests an 'F'
By Dana Rapp
National Board certified teachers believe the state's testing policies do far more harm than good.

Nationwide Protests Target Tests Grass-roots protests take aim at high-stakes standardized tests and call for alternative forms of accountability.

Vouchers, Accountability, and Money
A Rethinking Schools Editorial
Voucher backers are ignoring key lessons from Milwaukee's voucher experience, including higher tax burdens and less accountability for academic achievement.

Learning to Read 'Scientifically'
By Gerald Coles
President Bush calls for 'scientifically based' reading instruction. What might that mean?

Bush's Bad Idea for Bilingual Education
By Stephen Krashen
The president proposes a three-year time limit for non-English speakers to attain 'English fluency.' Here's why that's a big mistake.

Learning From Ladakh
By Bill Bigelow
A video on a little-known culture prompts students to reconsider concepts such as "primitive" and "advanced."

"The Case of Cultural Destruction"
By Bill Bigelow
The complete text of roles and role play guidelines for a trial on the destruction of Ladakhi culture, as described in Bill Bigelow's article.

Ladakh Situations Situations facing the Ladakhi people, as mentioned in Bill Bigelow's article

'For My People'
By Linda Christensen
Using Margaret Walker's poem to help students 'talk back' to stereotypes and to affirm their self worth.

Radical Equations
By David Levine
Civil Rights veteran Robert Moses tells the story of the Algebra Project and the struggle to ensure math literacy for African Americans.

Questions Are The Answer
By S.J. Childs
A high school teacher poses the question, 'What is global literacy?'

Haiku and Hiroshima
By Wayne Au
A high school teacher uses an animated film and haiku poetry to raise awareness about the dropping of atomic bombs in 1945.

Paper Cranes and Peace
By Kate Lyman
An elementary school teacher uses the book "Sadako and the Thousand Cranes" to tell the story of Hiroshima and the horrors of war.