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Volume 15 Number 3

The Return to Separate and Unequal
By Michael Barndt and Joel McNally
In Milwaukee, as across the country, funding disparities between urban and suburban districts raise all-important issues of civil rights and racial justice.

Free Rethinking the Basal ReaderThe first editorial by Rethinking Schools speaks across the years to provide perspective on today's push for standardization.

Listening to Children
By Jonathan Kozol

Finding Signs of Hope
By Linda Christensen

A Lifetime of Lessons
By Lola Glover

"On Creative Extremism"
By Sonia Nieto

Standards, Markets, and Creating School Failure
By Michael W. Apple

Bush Plan Fails Schools
By Stan Karp
The President's proposals center on mandatory testing and voucher programs.

Paige Leads Dubious Cast of Education Advisors
By Stan Karp
The Bush administration is filled with people who have spent their careers bashing public education or promoting privatization.

Math, Maps, and Misrepresentation
By Eric Gutstein
A middle school teacher works with maps to help students use mathematics to "read the world."

Real World ProjectsEric Gutstein shares some of the projects his students have been working on.

Sharing the Movement
By Nancy Murray
As part of Project HIP-HOP, Boston-area students embark on a 5,000-mile journey to meet with veterans of the civil rights movement.

The Lives of Migrant Farmworkers
By Dirk Frewing
A high school teacher introduces his suburban students to the often-ignored issue of the exploitation of migrant farm workers.

Looking For the Girls
By Andrea Brown
An educator makes some disturbing discoveries when she spends a day watching music videos on television.

Challenging the ImagesAn educator makes some disturbing discoveries when she spends a day watching music videos on television.

Examining Media Violence
By Bakari Chavanu
A teacher tries to help his students think about the relationship between media images and violence.

Videos on Sexism and Violence in the Media
By Bill McClendon

Decatur Revisited
By Linda Lutton
Last spring, controversy in the Illinois town of Decatur exposed the racial inequities in 'zero tolerance' polices. A year later, not much has changed.

Suspensions Soar

Students Vs. Jostens Inc.
By Andrea Townsend
A high school senior asks, "Who makes our graduation gowns?" -and recounts the struggle that ensues.