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Volume 15 Number 2

Bilingual Education: Strike Two
By James Crawford
Arizona voters follow California's lead and mandate English-only programs.

Bilingual Education Works
By Stephen Krashen
Bilingual education is generally misunderstood - even though people appear to understand many of its underlying principles.

Bilingual Education: A Goal For All Children
A Rethinking Schools Editorial
To defeat English-only initiatives like those bankrolled by Silicon Valley millionaire Ron Unz, progressives need to do a better job of educating the public about the benefits of bilingual education.

Diversity Vs. White Privilege
An Interview with Christine Sleeter
Christine Sleeter explains why multiculturalism, at its core, is a struggle against racism, and must go beyond an appreciation of diversity.

Michael's Story
By Kelley Dawson
A third-grade teacher helps her students deal with anger and, in the process, learns a few lessons of her own.

Vouchers Go Down to Defeat
By David Keenon
Michigan and California voters squash initiatives allowing public dollars for private schools.

Voucher VotesHow previous voucher initiatives have fared at the polls.

Oregon Rejects Anti-Gay Initiative If it had passed, the so-called "Student Protection Act" could have banned the mere mention of homosexuality in public schools.

Planting Seeds of Solidarity
By Bob Peterson
In discussing global issues, how can a teacher nurture student empathy and caring, yet avoid the trap of an "us versus them" dichotomy?

Books to Help Build Solidarity
By Bob Peterson
A collection of books useful in working with ideas raised in Peterson's article, "Planting Seeds of Solidarity."

Songs with a Global Conscience
By Bob Peterson
Using songs to build international understanding and solidarity.

Teaching for Social Justice
By Herbert Kohl
A veteran educator offers pedagogical and personal suggestions learned over 30 years of experience.

The Story of Rachel and Sadie
By S. J. Childs
A unique lesson on how teachers can help their students think about the obstacles to speaking up and standing together for social justice.

Acting for Justice
By Linda Christensen
Students sometimes have difficulty seeing how they can stand up against oppression. Here are some ways to help students to "practice" behaving as allies.

On Cracking White City
An oral history by James Farmer
How CORE activists successfully integrated a Chicago coffee shop.

Subtractive Schooling
By Angela Valenzuela
What happens when schools disrespect students' cultural heritage and when teachers fail to listen to the students?

Manifest Destiny or Cultural Integrity?
By Reggie Toussaint
One teacher learns firsthand how standardized tests can force students to accept a Eurocentric viewpoint.

Romeo and Juliet Vs. Military Recruiters
By T.R. Amsler
How might teachers help expose the gulf between military recruitment promises of adventure and the reality of war?

Democracy, Education, and the Media
Robert W. McChesney
Excerpted from the article, "Journalism, Democracy, ... and Class Struggle" in the November 2000 issue of Monthly Review

Resources on Military Recruitment Organizations and Web sites that can provide more information.