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Volume 15 Number 1

Free Multiculturalism: A Fight for Justice
A Rethinking Schools editorial
Perspective The introductory article for our special report on multiculturalism.

Down But Not Out
By Priscilla Pardini
While enthusiasm for multiculturalism has waned, proponents have faith in the movement's ability to endure.

Milwaukee: A Case Study
By Curtis Lawrence
A look at one district reveals both the promises and challenges of sustaining multiculturalism

Embracing Cross-Racial Dialogue
By Beverly Tatum
"Some people say there is too much talk about race and racism in the United States," the noted educators writes. " I say that there is not enough."

At Best, Silly, at Worst, Racist
By Derrick Z. Jackson
The Massachusetts 10th-grade world history test is a Eurocentric exercise in trivial pursuit.

Pencils Out!
By Derrick Z. Jackson
What's on the 10th-grade test in Massachusetts?

The Origins of Multiculturalism
By Christine Sleeter and Peter McLaren
Too many white educators think multiculturalism ends with ethnic food festivals. Here's why multiculturalism needs to be placed in the context of the Civil Rights struggle for freedom, political power, and economic integration.

15 Years and Going Strong
A Rethinking Schools
Editorial It's been 15 years since a group of activist teachers started Rethinking Schools, using only a temperamental Apple IIe and a kitchen table that stood in for a layout board. Some thoughts on how we've evolved since that humble beginning, and how we've stayed the same.

Creating A Vision of Possibility
By Linda Christensen
An excerpt from her new book, Reading, Writing, and Rising Up: Teaching About Social Justice and the Power of the Written Word.

By Dyan Watson
Student writing from Reading, Writing, and Rising Up.

Forward to the Past?
By Bob Peterson and Larry Miller
Issues of segregation, insufficient funding, and hurried decision-making envelop Milwaukee's return to neighborhood schools

Testing Plan Before MPS Board
By Stephanie Walters
Controversy swirls around plan to increase standardized testing.

Value Added, Value Lost?
By Gerald W. Bracey
Value-added testing is enjoying growing popularity. Will it help children learn better?

Tax Dollars at Work
By Robert McGuire
Georgia officers travel to Vermont to grill anti-testing advocate.

Unsung Heroes
By Howard Zinn
Why aren't people such as Daniel Shays or Fannie Lou Hamer held up as role models?

Teaching About Unsung Heroes
By Bill Bigelow
Tips on how a teacher might encourage students to appreciate those who fought for social justice.

Roles for Teaching About Unsung Heroes
By Bill Bigelow
A list of first-person roles that students can play, as described in Bill Bigelow's article .