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Volume 14 Number 3

Merit: To Pay Or Not To Pay
By Bob Peterson
Teachers grapple with yet another marketplace reform.

Girls, Worms, And Body Image
By Kate Lyman
How one elementary teacher deals with gender stereotypes.

Neighborhood Schools: Déjà Vu
By Robert Lowe
A policy of returning to local schools threatens to increase racial inequality.

Teaching About The WTO And Global Issues
By Wayne Au
Seattle students study world trade and learn first-hand the benefits of activism.

Teachers As Leaders
By Monica Solomon
A look at an alternative to "pay-for-performance."

Lessons From History
By Lany Cuban and David B. Tyack
History suggests that "merit-pay" reforms will fail.

Small Classes Versus Vouchers
A Rethinking Schools
Editorial Wisconsin's experiment with small classes can document academic success, especially for African Americans. Too bad the same can't be said for vouchers.

Small Classes Versus Vouchers
By Joanna Dupuis
Report documents gains in smaller classes in Wisconsin.

For-Profit Firm On The Ropes
By Barbara Miner
Tesseract, formerly known as EAI, can't even afford postage.

Wisconsin Issues Report On Voucher Program
By Barbara Miner
Report notes it is impossible to determine if students are performing better in voucher schools.

Resisting Zero Tolerance
by William Ayers and Bernadine Dohm
A politically popular sound-bite has morphed into a Frankenstein's monster, destroying children in its path. It doesn't have to be that way.

First-Class Jails, Second-Class Schools
An Interview with Jesse Jackson
Society's misplaced priorities are moving too many youths from the educational system and into the penal system.

Zero Tolerance Unfair To Blacks
By Joanna Dupuis
A new story shows that African Americans are suspended or expelled from school disproportionately.

Remembering Russell
By Jehanne Helena Beaton
Russell was a troubled 12-year-old who needed guidance and support. His school treated him as a problem. Now he's a 16-year-old criminal.

Bright Like Me?
By Kirsten Olson Lanier
What if we take seriously the idea that people can become smart?

"Standardized Minds" -- A Must-ReadA quick look at Peter Sacks' riveting new book on America's obsession with testing.

Behind the Testing JuggernautAn Interview with Peter Sacks, Author of "Standardized Minds"

High-Stakes Testing Slights Multicultural Curricula
By Makani Themba-Nixon
A vivid example of how high-stakes testing is narrowing the curricula in many schools.

Chicago's "No Social Promotion" Under Attack
By Julie Woestehoff
The much-touted policy is starting to draw fire from educators and civil rights activists.

CASE Revealed, Case ClosedA Chicago teacher has been suspended -- and the district is suing shim for $1.4 million -- for publishing questions from the city's high-stakes exam.

Standards Odds 'n Ends. News items on the standards issue from around the country.