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Volume 14 Number 1

From Snarling Dogs to Bloody Sunday
By Kate Lyman
An elementary school teacher describes how she tries to teach past the platitudes of the Civil Rights Movement.

Children Who Made A Difference Details about some of the children and events mentioned in Kate Lyman's article, "From Snarling Dogs to Bloody Sunday."

Selected Resources Books about the civil rights movement recommended for students in grades 2 through 8.

An Untold Story of Resistance
By Alan Stoskopf
African-American educators fought back against IQ testing in the 1920s and 1930s. Their struggle has important implications for today's resistance to high-stakes testing.

Teaching the Word -- and the World
A Rethinking Schools
Editorial As educators, we owe allegiance not simply to the students in our classrooms, but to the wider human community and to the earth itself.

Vouchers and Public Accountability
By Erik Gunn
Public schools face increasing scrutiny while private voucher schools are allowed to operate with almost no oversight. Why the double standard?

Problems Erupt in Cleveland
By Erik Gunn
Voucher schools chalk up concerns over safety hazards, unlicensed teachers, and reliance on videos for instruction.

Why the Secrecy?
By Barbara Miner
The Milwaukee Archdiocese refuses to release information about voucher schools.

Forward . . . Into the Past Traditional approaches to teaching are back in vogue. Get ready for a return to memorization and recapitulation of accepted facts - and don't forget to keep those desks in straight rows.

'No' Is the Right Answer
By Eleanor Martin
A high school student explains why she refused to take the state-mandated standardized test.

'We Object to These Tests' Parents tell why they believe the Massachusetts test does more harm than good.

Rethinking Discipline
By Jehanne Helena Beaton
What are we teaching our students when discipline policies are reduced to punitive measures grounded in coercion, control, and compliance?

Moving Beyond Tired
By S. J. Childs
For many teachers, the thought of a video is far more appealing on a Friday night than the idea of going to a potluck meeting. What keeps teacher activists going?

Networking, Organizing, and Resisting
By S. J. Childs
The story of the Portland Area Rethinking Schools group, which is taking on issues ranging from standardized tests to teaching about globalization.

Tips for New Groups Ten suggestions for getting a new teacher group off on the right foot.

Videos with a Global Conscience From East Timor to Kosovo, from sweatshops to environmental degradation, global issues have assumed pressing importance. These videos bring the issues home to U.S. classrooms.

Introduction Background on the struggle over Chiapas and the visit of an international delegation of educators to the city of Oventic.

Putting Muscle into the Meaning of Solidarity activists supporting indigenous schools in Chiapas work with their hands as well as their heads.

'Our Communities are Very Poor' An interview with a retired Mexico City teacher who now works with the schools created by the Zapatistas.

An Education that Turns Night into Morning Excerpts from a letter by the Education Committee of Oventic, Chiapas, requesting international support for efforts to establish the first indigenous junior high school run by the Zapatista movement.

Our Struggle is . . . . Statements that form the heart of the Zapatista Movement

Resources on Chiapas Organizations, Web sites, and books that can tell you more.

California Lawsuit Notes Unequal Access to AP Courses
By Joanna Dupuis
Low-income and minority students in the Los Angeles area have fewer chances than their affluent, suburban counterparts to take Advanced Placement courses.

AP Disparity in the Milwaukee Area. A look at unequal representation in AP courses in Milwaukee.

Edison Loses Millions -- Again
By Barbara Miner
The for-profit education company loses almost $50 million this year, as Wall Street commentators question its plans to issue public stock.